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Hill Country Barbecue and Catering

About Hill Country BBQ

True Texas style barbecue goes beyond the average barbecue fare to create an art form that instills a flavor and tenderness that will never be achieved using the standard grilling method. It is not something that you just do on a whim, it takes patience and time to perfect
the flavors and technique.

We use the “low and slow” method over an oak and apple wood fire. This low temperature allows the meat to cook to a well-done state while retaining its moisture. This is where the patience comes in because it will take about 18 hours for the meat to be done.

In Texas cattle is “King”, so naturally we are known for our exceptional beef brisket. We won the People’s Choice award last summer at the Redwood City Blues & Barbecue Competition. To us quality means everything and we take great pride in what we make and

At Hill Country Barbecue our finished meats are served on a gourmet brioche bun with our house-made barbecue sauces. If the barbecue is done right, we find the sauce can be the perfect compliment. We make all of our meats & sides fresh daily sourced from as many local suppliers as possible. Come and dine with us at our food truck or hire Hill Country Barbecue for your next event!

Meet John Capelo - Barbecue Pitmaster

I grew up in South Texas (Harlingen) but my family now resides outside of Austin in the beautiful Hill Country. My family is down the road from the famous barbecue institution known as The Salt Lick. Not only does our name come from the Texas Hill Country but my passion for barbecue does as well. I started cooking at a young age due to my mothers encouragement. My siblings and I were required to cook once a week in the kitchen with her which has brought me here today. I enjoy cooking many types of cuisines with barbecue being my favorite.

I have a business degree from University of Denver which I used in my previous sales jobs over the past 10 years. About 6 years ago, I started a catering business on the side just for fun. However, with a lack of quality southern barbecue in the area, I found a niche that inspired my labor of love. I am self-taught with no professional training. I’ve earned my stripes through countless hours spent over days, nights and weekends experimenting with fire, woods, smokers, cuts of meat, various sauces, recipes and spice combinations. Once I started cooking briskets, pork shoulders, ribs and chicken it became second nature to me. Hill Country Barbecue was officialy born.